ColdZyme Wins Silver in Bizzie Baby Awards

ColdZyme Wins Silver in Bizzie Baby Awards

ColdZyme Mouth Spray has scooped silver in the 2019 Bizzie Baby Awards, family health category.

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Before being awarded a silver gong, an independent panel put the ColdZyme Mouth Spray through its paces testing its performance, quality, design and practicality.

Here’s what they had to say…

“This is a really positive product, that a lot of people would appreciate trying to prevent the misery of a cold. It was pleasant-tasting and easy to administer. The fact that I did not develop a cold during the testing period (which coincided with cold and flu season) would definitely encourage me to purchase it again. Its quick and convenient when out and about. The feature I liked most is what it aims to do - stop a cold in its tracks!”
– Elaine Kalo, mum to Harry (8) and Annie (6), rated ColdZyme 5/5

“I think the concept is really good. The instructions were very easy to follow. It was extremely easy to use. I have only used this once for a cold I had a few weeks ago and it did seem to help.”  
– Kerry Pearce, rated Coldzyme 4/5

“I am always going down with colds during the winter months, so was keen to see if this would work. Instructions clear and precise. Very easy to administer. I did have the start of a cold during the testing period, sneezing a lot and I immediately started to use this with a quick spray down the back of my throat. I was surprised just how effective this was. Very impressed. I also passed onto my eldest son as he had the symptoms of a cold developing and this did ease them. The bottle design is compact enough to take with you on your travels and use when required. It lasts quite a while and worked for me so good value. Anything that helps stop a cold developing into something worse is a good investment. Good quality. No fuss, just spray and go.”
– Charles Pinter – dad to James & Charlie – 18 & 21 Years, rated ColdZyme 5/5

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ColdZyme Wins Silver in Bizzie Baby Awards